Move Your Outlets So They're Easy to Reach — with MagicOutlet!

Move Your Outlet.. Where You Need It!

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Relocate Outlets

MagicOutlet allows you to extend and relocate your outlets - making it easier to plug in your devices with no bending, reaching, or moving heavy furniture!

Relocate Your Plugs with Ease!

When power outlets are located in awkward places or behind heavy furniture, struggling to reach them can be a pain! But with MagicOutlet, you can quickly and easily relocate those problem outlets and put them in convenient places—so you've always got an outlet handy when you need it.

MagicOutlet Above a Nightstand MagicOutlet in a Workshop MagicOutlet Behind the TV MagicOutlet Behind a Desk MagicOUtlet Beside the Couch
  • Nightstands
  • Couches
  • Desks
  • Appliances
  • TV Cabinets
  • Workshops
  • Bathrooms
  • Stereos
  • Garages
  • Dressers
  • and More!
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Move your plugs quickly and easily, with no electricians, tools, or wires needed! All you have to do is…

Plug It In

Plug into Existing Outlet

Peeling Adhesive Backing

Peel Adhesive Backing

Pressing to Wall

Press! Stick to Wall

Hard to Reach Outlets

No More
Moving Furniture

Stop Struggling with Power Outlets

5 Stars
"This is much easier than reaching behind the sofa chair to access the wall plug. I'm going to get another one for the bedside nightstand. Great idea, very handy and no tools needed to install!"


5 Stars
"really convenient so your not bending your charger up behind a couch really this is a life saver and works great and the stickiness doesn't wear off easily love it"


5 Stars
"Awesome plug for phones, tablets or anything you need close to you to charge... USB connections and plugs are perfect. These can be used for almost anything you need charged."

-Audrey R

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Make Outlets

  • 2x AC Outlets
  • 2x USB Ports
  • Built-in Phone Shelf
  • 4ft Cord
  • No Wiring or Tools
  • No Mess
MagicOutlet with Phone Stand

💡 Did You Know? The Average U.S. Household has 75 Outlets 💡

USB Symbol

2x USB

UL Symbol


Outlet Symbol

2x AC

Warranty Seal


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You probably have multiple outlets that need to be moved, so why not buy more and save?

$14.99 each

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5-Year Warranty
60-Day Money Back Guarantee

60-Day Guarantee
5-Year Warranty
100% Satisfaction

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?
MagicOutlet uses a 4 ft. cord to relocate power outlets out from behind furniture.
How many plugs/USB ports does it have?
MagicOutlet has 2 AC outlets and 2 USB ports.
How long is the cord?
MagicOutlet's cord is 4 ft. long.
What outlet types/sizes can it be used with?
MagicOutlet's works with all types of outlet sizes.
Can it be used with a GFCI outlet?
Yes, MagicOutlet works with GFCI outlets.
Can it be used with a ground pin up outlet?
Yes, MagicOutlet works with ground pin up outlets.
Can it be used with a quad outlet?
Yes, MagicOutlet works with quad outlets, but it might block other outlets.
What are the maximum amps, volts, and watts?
MagicOutlet's maximum amps is 13A, maximum volts are 125 VAC, and maximum watts is 1625 W.
Does it have surge protection?
Surge protection is available as an optional add-on.
Can it be painted?
It is not recommended to paint your MagicOutlet.
Is it UL Listed?
Yes, MagicOutlet is UL Listed.
Can it be used outdoors?
No, MagicOutlet is for indoor use only.
What are the dimensions?
MagicOutlet's dimensions are 4.50”(L) X 2.75”(W) X 0.92”(H).
What is the weight?
MagicOutlet weighs 0.56 lbs.